Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter Lyubov Kay Releases New Single « Gemini »
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Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter Lyubov Kay Releases New Single « Gemini »

Celebrated Toronto-based singer-songwriter Lyubov Kay unveils her highly anticipated new single, « Gemini, » released today, June 3rd—Kay’s birthday. This dynamic track serves as a playful critique of the common stereotypes linking relationships to zodiac signs.

With witty lyrics and infectious melodies, « Gemini » challenges the notion that constellations dictate the complexities of human nature. Drawing inspiration from the danceable vibes of Ed Sheeran and the masterful songwriting of Ryan Tedder, the song is brimming with playful charm and energy.

Kay elaborates, “Some of us believe our destinies are written in the stars, or we pick and choose what resonates with us. I wrote this song to challenge the idea that all Gemini personalities fit one mold and that zodiacs don’t always define how compatible a relationship can be.”

Since her debut, Lyubov Kay has been making significant waves in the music scene with her dreamy alternative pop singles. Garnering nearly 1 million YouTube views and boasting over 30,000 Spotify listeners, Kay has captivated audiences at numerous events and festivals both domestically and internationally.

Her signature sound, characterized by infectious melodies often anchored by soulful piano or guitar, has drawn comparisons to the likes of Tate McRae. Influenced by artists such as Billie Eilish, Ryan Tedder, and The Weeknd, Kay continues to explore diverse genres in her upcoming releases.

Fresh off the success of her debut EP, « every color, » and hit singles like « Over Me » (2024) and « Crash and Burn (Need Nobody) » (2021), Kay’s heartfelt lyrics and poetic descriptions of life’s challenges are set to captivating, hypnotic arrangements. Her music, inspired by personal experiences and the natural tendency to find connections in the world around us, resonates deeply with her audience.

Kay discovered her talent for songwriting by merging her love for poetry with catchy piano melodies. Her journey began with translating popular foreign songs into English, which fueled her growth as an artist. This led to a strong following on her YouTube channel, paving the way for her original music.

As an emerging artist to watch, Lyubov Kay continues to captivate listeners with her unique blend of alternative pop. « Gemini » promises to be a standout track in her growing repertoire, challenging conventional beliefs and showcasing her innovative artistry.