16 Juin, 2024

Interview: Tre L Henderson

Deepening the Church Influence You’ve spoken about how your church background has shaped your musical and speaking styles. Can you delve deeper into how specific church experiences or teachings have influenced your approach to creativity and improvisation in your performances? Absolutely. Consider the proverbial Charismatic Christian movement. That is basically how I grew up. I […]

9 mins read

Manu Chao Shares New Single ‘Viva Tu’

The news seems to have taken the world by storm. Manu Chao is making his return! Manu Chao’s back! But it’s all fake news. The truth is he never left.He’s been flying under the radar. On the road to simplicity. Traveling with two friends, « just three guys and three sticks ». The simple bare necessities, as […]

5 mins read

Toronto-based Singer-Songwriter Lyubov Kay Releases New Single « Gemini »

Celebrated Toronto-based singer-songwriter Lyubov Kay unveils her highly anticipated new single, « Gemini, » released today, June 3rd—Kay’s birthday. This dynamic track serves as a playful critique of the common stereotypes linking relationships to zodiac signs. With witty lyrics and infectious melodies, « Gemini » challenges the notion that constellations dictate the complexities of human nature. Drawing inspiration from […]

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Multi-platinum and four-time GRAMMY® Award-winning duo for KING + COUNTRY (brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone) drop their “The Inspired By Soundtrack” album today for their family biopic film, ‘UNSUNG HERO’. The duo also releases their new music video for ‘She Believes’ from the album that is available in conjunction with the film which releases today […]

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